Tim began his art career as a photographer working in a darkroom lab and processing film for a local company in his high school years. An express desire to travel and become a professional photographer led him to the US Navy in 1979 where he trained as a photographer at the US Navy Schools of Photography in Pensacola, FL.

Since 1979, there have been many different directions of study Tim has pursued: fine art, photography, marketing, personal development and entrepreneurship. On the entrepreneurial side Tim has owned various franchises and start-ups in several industries including the health and fitness, insurance and investments, securities, automotive, on-line education, marketing, fine-art and photography areas.

Tim was the founder and CEO of Tim O’Neill Studios, Everyday a Saturday Publishing and Prosperity Publishing Global, a company that specializes in producing educational materials for online entrepreneurs and visual artists. The Mamarazzi Academy, Digital Paint Magazine and the Digital Art Summit, were a part of the Prosperity Publishing team’s internet real estate. A passion for coaching and teaching led to an opportunity to teach 7-12 art and coach cross country and track at a private Christian school. Tim is also an adjunct professor in a College Humanities department teaching Art Appreciation and Art History. In 2012 the majority of the businesses and online assets were sold to focus on teaching and coaching in a real time setting.

After over a decade of teaching face to face, Tim made the decision to get back online education. Tim has launched a new publication and a series of courses under the Digital Art Goes Rogue banner. Digital Art Goes Rogue focuses on what he calls Fusion Artistry. "Fusion Artistry" is a term that can be used to describe a form of art that combines different techniques, mediums, or styles to create a unique and cohesive piece. It refers to the blending of generative AI, digital techniques, and traditional media to create a singular work of art. Fusion Artistry suggests a harmonious blend of old and new, traditional and cutting-edge, physical and digital. It's a term that captures the complexity and richness of the processes taught in the Digital Art Goes Rogue courses as well as the unique results that it produces.

As an artist, Tim works with a wide range of mediums, from oil and cold wax to epoxy resin and concrete carving. His work is collected by private collectors internationally and showcases his ability to blend traditional art techniques with modern technology. With a Bachelor of Science in Business and Accounting, a Bachelor of Arts in Education, and a Master of Arts in Modern Art History, Tim has a well-rounded education that informs his work both as an artist and an entrepreneur.

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