This week I struggled. Not the typical type of challenge that most of us are used to but a challenge still the same. This week was full of abundance in many different areas. How can abundance be challenging? Well, for me in a variety of ways but primarily in terms of self-check and retrospection. I have talked often of blasting forward and seeking that which is in front of us as opposed to reliving that which is behind. The windshield of life is much larger than the review mirror for a reason. There is value, as we have talked about, in looking back through the lens of comparative study; what worked, what did not. What did we do well, where did we fail? When blessed with abundance it just strengthens my resolve to do better, give more, do more.

Part of the reflection went like this. Is creating art, buying art or even appreciating art a luxury in our current state of world affairs? AM I BEING SELFISH in the pursuit of trying to capture beauty? It is no secret that as a people we are facing a variety of different crises. I believe art goes beyond just luxury and a seemingly self-serving need to create. Art and beauty address the human need for hope. Part of my calling as an artist is to create beauty, then find, encourage and spread hope through that beauty.

There is no doubt that the visual impacts the spiritual. That can easily be verified by tracing the change in our moral culture and comparing it to change in art over the centuries and even decades since the 1920's. It is an interesting study. For me, it highlights one of the challenges with much of the contemporary art canon, the lack of beauty. It is also why there is a surge in the recognition and exposure of a tremendous number of very talented creators that can be found on any social media platform. In today's world an artist doesn't need to conform to the minority, the gatekeepers of art and culture in America that do not necessarily promote beauty. The groundswell that is coming is compiled of artists that create light, beauty and hope not the dark of decay and destruction.

Art has the power to evoke emotions and connect people across different cultures and experiences. It can offer a means of expression for marginalized groups and a way to promote social justice and human rights. In times of crisis, artists often respond with works that offer commentary or solace, reflecting the struggles and triumphs of their communities. HOPE. I believe that creativity is a collaboration between a creator and The Creator. When I paint, if I am open and prayerful, life, light and hope envelope the substrate and the materials that are laid on with love. Stroke by stroke, drip by drip, image by image, art changes the world. If you are an artist, we need your art. If you are a patron, artists need your patronage. You make a difference and no one but you can make the difference that God intended you to make. Jesus shows up in YOUR art. Keep creating.



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