I am super excited for what this year will bring. More creative time in the studio, wood shop, kitchen, yard and garden for sure. Many things have come together to allow that to happen. This week on the easel I have a piece that I put together for a local art show at the Prairie Arts Center. Here are the prompts the artists were given, “The human figure has been an inspiration for centuries. Artists use the human figure as an inspiration for paintings, photographs, graphic design, textiles, sculptures and action figures.

       Figure out a new or traditional way to highlight the human figure, including but not limited to paintings, photos, sculpture, drawings, sketches, graphic design, textile work." The above image is an abstract pen and ink piece printed out on tissue then collaged on a cradled panel. This mixed media piece used; a tissue paper print, collage, chalk paint, oil paint, pan pastel and was finished with a coat of encaustic medium. The image shown is WIP before encaustic.
       This weeks Studio vlog on YouTube shows how to create a poster from a standard size printer by splitting and tiling an image in photoshop. By printing parts of the image on several sheets of paper you can put together a larger image size than your printer can print in one sheet. Check it out on YouTube by clicking on the link below.

       Have a blessed week and embrace the Genesis moments in your best creative life!

Tim ONeill