As believers, we have the privilege of co-creating with the Holy Spirit to fulfill God's purposes in our lives. The Holy Spirit is our helper, comforter, and guide. He empowers us to do the works of Jesus and gives us the ability to make decisions that align with God's will.

Co-creating with the Holy Spirit involves an ongoing relationship with Him. We need to be intentional about seeking Him in prayer, studying scripture, seeking him first, and being open to His leading. The Holy Spirit speaks to us in different ways, such as through a still small voice, a prompting, a feeling of peace, and sometimes signs, words, thoughts or sayings that keep coming up. God is always communicating with us, we just don't hear him through the cacophony of busyness that is pervasive in our lives.

When we invite the Holy Spirit into our decision-making process, we can trust that He will guide us toward what is best for us and for others. Co-creating with the Holy Spirit is a powerful partnership that allows us to experience God's love and grace in our lives. I have been searching for how to facilitate this for quite a while. What does it look like in practical day-to-day terms? I certainly don't have all of the answers but I have found some people that do.

If you are interested in asking the Lord to work with you in your art business and would like to know how, join us for a book study on the topic. I have a book study that we started last week via zoom. We are going through Matt Tommey's book, "Creativity According to the Kingdom". There is no charge and it is a great excuse to be in a community with a small group of like-minded creatives. Shoot me an email if you are interested and I will send you the zoom link. We will meet next time at 6pm CST Tuesday, April 4th. I encourage you to take time to seek the Holy Spirit's guidance in your life. Let us continue to co-create with Him as we fulfill God's purposes for us.

From the easel above. This week's video shows the creation of a simple encaustic painting with a tissue paper print. This painting has not yet been sold. If you are interested in adding "Raven 1" to your collection, please send me a note; it is 8x10 molten beeswax, oil pastel, pan pastel, and mica powders. 150$ plus shipping.

Be blessed.