Last Month

The last month was a whirlwind of activity. Many blessings to be sure but, very busy. First, we did a show that I had not been to for over 6 years. I really don't do that many shows but I enjoy the Western Art Show at Ft. Robinson. The venue is the old vet building, each artist sets up in a roughly 10x10 horse stall. The history, the ambience and the people make it a really great show. Sales were okay, the primary goal was to meet people, show work and to add names to my client email list. The group of artists that we were there were very helpful and answered every question I asked. I learned a tremendous amount about doing shows. Next year I plan to do 4-6. We will see how that goes, as I near retirement from teaching I want to focus more on creating and selling art as well as moving forward with developing more courses for the membership. Following that show we moved to the Petrified Wood Gallery and hung that show on the way back home. After that I had a few demonstrations to do and a few commissions to finish. A crazy busy month.

Digital Art Goes Rogue Summit is COMING!

With the schedule from last month, I moved the Digital Art Goes Rogue Summit back a month. As we complete the final touches and get the site built out, I am getting more and more excited. We have a great line up. More on this next week.

On The Easel


AI Continues to Grow Exponentially 

It is becoming very clear that we need to stay on top of learning as much about AI as we can. Not just as creatives and makers but as business men and women. My stock business was never very big pulling in a just few hundred dollars a month but it is now completely dead. As AI is not going anywhere, I view it as my job to see how I can use it to replace the two hundred dollars a month which is no longer coming from stock photography sales. While I do not believe that AI will replace us as artists we need to be diligent in recognizing the changes that it will bring and figure out how to grow with it. We have seen it before when digital came about. Digital wiped out some highly successful photographers, those that refused to embrace change. Last month there was an article in Peta Pixel titled, "The Worlds First AI Photographer Undercuts Real Photographers" . It is an interesting read.


We will continue to talk and learn about AI. The Summit will have a bit about AI, one of my webinars will be showing how to use generative AI and digital tools to combine with traditional media for a fun final product. Have a great week!