One negative side of the AI Talisman.

This week the images are all AI. I have been playing with ways to come up with reference photographs using Mid Journey. It is crazy how much things have improved and changed in the last few months. There is now an app that we can use that will place a model into any circumstance. The cool thing about this app is that we can train it to what the model looks like using our own images. It has a much closer likeness to the images you train it with than using a reference with Mid journey. I am not going to spend time on the app other than to mention it, it is called The entry level is about 30$ a month.


prompt  "Woman"

While there are many copyright challenges with AI I want to talk about an issue that is buried in the hype and dopamine buzz when generating cool looking art in mere seconds. Two things. First, confusing the use of AI for creating art with actual artistic creation. Next, what happens to the partnership with The Creator when using AI for creating art? They really do go together in a way. Let's recognize that one can get incredibly beautiful images from AI with no work on our part. While prompt engineering is a skill that needs to be developed one can get awesome looking images without much in terms of prompting. Look at the AI images here with simple prompting. The prompts were: women and girl. I made no artistic decisions in the process, they are both beautiful images but I can't really claim them as mine. Let's make sure we don't get so enthralled by the capabilities of AI that we forgo your own creativity. Failure and the journey is what gives life and our voice to our art. I think I need to be careful with that in my creative practice.


prompt  "Girl"

While AI can significantly enhance an artist's resources and enable previously impossible compositions, I believe what is most important is that we apply our personal creativity to these outputs. For my studio practice, I use AI-generated content as raw material, integrating it into my own work, modifying it with other artistic elements, and crafting my own original canvas. This approach ensures that my personal creativity is not overridden by AI. To me it is much like stock photos or course material - it is a starting point for my work, not the end product.

That brings up the next point. For me personally the act of creativity is sacred. Drawing, painting, imagining, and taking photos are all direct communication with The Creator of the universe. I view creativity as a partnership with the Holy Spirit. This perspective is based on the belief that all humans are created in the image of God, and therefore, we have been endowed with a spark of divine creativity.

Engaging in a creative activity can also become a form of prayer or meditation, a way to connect more deeply with God. It's about expressing gratitude for the talents bestowed upon us and using them to bring more beauty, joy, and understanding into the world.

For me, the belief that creativity is a partnership with the divine encourages a sense of humility. I don't see myself as the sole author of my work but as a vessel through which divine creativity flows. This brings a sense of purpose and motivation and helps me feel like I am part of a larger, spiritual mission. I think in some sense AI could be a very real threat or disrupter to my sacred creative workflow. Many times, in the studio one just starts to play with no real plan or purpose other than to commune with the Holy Spirit. As you begin to move, play and experiment it leaves room for input from God, many times he totally directs the movement and direction. For me personally, I value that dance, that communication, and will protect it at any cost. For me, I am still working on process. I want to make sure that I am focused on my time with the Holy Spirit and working with AI is secondary to that.

bollywood girl

prompt  "Bollywood Girl"

News Items

An interesting news item from this week revealed that an Australian scientific research company procured a grant to merge AI with human brain cells. What? I would be interested in your comments on this.

Digital Art Goes Rogue Summit Launch is coming!
The kick-off for Digital Art Goes Rogue Summit will be August 20 with Darrell Chitty teaching first. A schedule and the site should be open next week.

Digital Art Goes Rogue Magazine is launching also in August. I am hoping for the 10th of August. It should be fun. It is a free magazine and will focus on the merging of digital media, traditional media and AI technology.

Have an amazing week!