As you journey into the world of fusion art, you may find yourself at a crossroads. Mastering advanced digital and traditional media techniques and grasping the intricate theories of art can indeed feel like climbing a steep mountain. The struggle to create high-quality, captivating artworks that truly reflect your style is a challenge many face.

I have your back.

At the Digital Art Goes Rogue Summit, we recognize these challenges and have tailored an experience that will not only guide you over these hurdles but also lead you to a remarkable transformation. Here’s how:
1. Advanced Technique Mastery: Our expert-led modules are designed to simplify complex techniques, making them accessible and manageable. You'll learn the nuances of advanced software, enabling you to create high-quality digital art with ease. No B.S., it does require time AND work on your part, but it is doable.
2. Quick Dive into Some Art Theory: Understanding the elements and principles of art is key to creating unique and captivating artworks. Our summit offers insights into a few digital and traditional art techniques, providing you with the knowledge to innovate and captivate.
3. Empowerment and Confidence: As you progress through the summit, you’ll gain not just skills, but also the confidence and empowerment needed to explore new creative horizons. Your journey through digital artistry will evolve from tentative steps to confident strides and you will learn some traditional media tips and tricks as well.
4. Unleashing Creativity: With newfound skills and understanding, your digital and traditional media artworks will transform, showcasing your unique style in breathtaking ways. You’ll emerge as an artist who not only creates but inspires.

Let’s revisit the journey that awaits at the Digital Art Goes Rogue Summit:
Larry Lourcey - Cultivate your creativity with personal projects, fueling your artistic fire.
Yuri Malkov - Enjoy the fun of photo painting on your iPad, blending technology with art.
Steven Friedman - Explore digital natural media art, where digital meets nature.
David Kibuuka - Embrace the modern Batik technique, marrying tradition with innovation.
Woody Walters - Elevate your photography skills, guided by a master.
Varun Gupta - Master the Cyanotype technique, fusing photography with classic art.
Tim O’Neill - Discover the world of Fusion Artistry, setting the stage for your evolution.
Darrell Chitty - Learn from the masters, journeying from digital to oil painting.

Each module promises not just skill enhancement but a transformative journey into the heart of digital artistry. This summit is your opportunity to stand at the forefront of the artistic revolution, whether it's to enhance your portfolio, connect with a global network, or express your creativity in new, exciting ways.

The summit opens this Friday, December 1st. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Click [here] to secure your place on the early bird list and embark on your transformative journey towards mastering digital artistry. Join us, and together let’s unlock the true potential of your creativity.

Check out the sales page for more information on each artist and their course. Let’s continue this adventure together and unlock the true potential of your creativity.

Here is a short video and the written directions that show you how to use Chat GPT to make a map for you.

You can use the map you create as a digital ground, print it out on various substrates to use as collage material or even use it as a transfer for unique grunge and texture.
Cool stuff. Free, fast, easy. You do have to have a Plus account to have access to the apps.

Artistically yours,

Tim O'Neill