What a terrific week in the studio! I was able to start a new commission this week. I really don't do a ton of commissions but I am excited about this one. I will be creating a new mixed media sandhill crane painting from an experimental digital piece. I will use a print of the digital art as a ground, the beginning of the canvas, for the original mixed media piece to come. A new faux rock frame is part of the commission, it will surround the resin painting/pour in the final stages. More to come as I move along. For now, here is the digital matrix/base that I will be using for a ground.


In other news, AI continues to move at breakneck speed. I wish we could slow it down a bit. However, since we can't slow it down, I need to intensify my learning to try and somewhat keep up. I subscribe to several AI and tech newsletters as well as continue to try to find ways to create with AI in ways I am comfortable with. I am moving ahead with a handmade "book" that will use all AI images. It will be handbound, I am not sure what type of binding I will go with yet I just know that I want to venture back to my decade's old papermaking and bookbinding days. One of my sisters has a birthday coming up in August. She loves guinea pigs. So, I have created a family of guinea pigs enjoying various activities. I have been creating different prompts to feed midjourney. Keep in mind this book is not a book I will publish on KDP through Amazon but rather a one-off handmade book more like we would make a journal.


I originally thought I would make paper and use InkAid either to coat the paper or use the transferieze product to transfer to my homemade paper. Nah. I decided for this book that would be to much. So, I am going to just print them on my handy-dandy Epson 3880, mount them to chip board then bind them. It will still be a process but we will show bits and pieces as we move along.

On the AI Front- Embracing AI

One final thought especially for the younger set that subscribes to this newsletter. In this quickly changing business environment one theme continues to rise to the top. AI aptitude. From transforming white-collar work dynamics to the promise of lightening workloads, AI stands as a beacon of change. As companies increasingly lean on AI to automate tasks, traditional industry barriers are being dismantled. This development isn't just a trend, it is a seismic shift, making AI aptitude crucial for anyone striving to thrive in the evolving job market.


The power is not with AI but with those who possess the skill to harness it. This perspective might be controversial, but we believe that future job security lies not in resisting AI but in embracing its inevitability and learning how to navigate its landscape. In a future where AI shapes the job market, AI Aptitude isn't just a "nice-to-have"—it's a "must-have". I believe this to be true for all creators as well as job seekers.