Creativity and Innovation in the Art Room

What an incredible week this was. I am so excited to hear what you all created this week. For me, the week was amazing at school. After totally re-doing the curriculum at school and going to an atelier style, scaffolded approach, the first full week went well. I think the students are much happier and the ideas and creativity coming out of the art room are awesome! Specific to personal work I finished a few larger encaustic pieces (one painting from the easel this week is below) but spent most of the week trying to figure out how I can use my photos, digital paintings and digitized drawings and paintings in conjunction with epoxy and alcohol ink. I am close. More to come on that next week.

An interesting artist I ran across this week is Michael Mapes. What a great combination of creative art with a nod to science. From the Artspace website, The curator Brian Hannon writes, “Not only are his works interesting studies in their own right, but they further challenge us to question the ways in which scientific information is assimilated into a culture. His unique appropriation of traditional ideas on portraiture and entomology, taxonomy and forensic science convey the inherent tension between a methodical objectivity and an unavoidable psychological subjectivity.” Check it out yourself.

This link is of my favorite pieces, the subject is Emilie Louise Flöge, successful business owner and designer in the fashion industry and lifelong companion of Gustav Klimt. Klimt is one of my favorite artists so pretty much anything around him and his life I find interesting. Have an amazing week!

This weeks video from my youtube channel show how I revamp my art room counter. Hope you like it.

Be blessed!

Tim ONeill