Studio Update | January 22, 2023

One of my Artist friends reminded me of this da Vinci quote during the week. There are days when it's easy to lose sight of all that we've accomplished. I usually get a tremendous amount of work done each week, sometimes it isn't what I want to do, or the quality that I want to do it in, but I am moving and most often moving forward if I really took a look at it.

I sometimes get a moment of anxiety especially if I only focus on all that is left to do. Sometimes this can be exacerbated by the feeling that we are spread to thin with too many tasks, to many obligations, and too many demands on our lives. While there are some advantages to being dyslexic and maybe even ADD, sometimes even if we are not polymaths it is easy to get caught up in the fast pace that we are moving today. A few minutes in the studio while I was trying to finish the alcohol and resin horse from the easel this week looks like this, "I love the line quality and that shape, it looks like a topo map, maybe I should take a class on cartography.

That reminds me of guy crashing on his bike coming down a hill. If his bike frame was not titanium would it have broken? What is the formula for inertia? I wonder if I could figure out the force of impact? It was a bright starry night that night, how does the galaxy function? I should check that out. It might be a cool blog post if I tied it in with splatter painting or an astrophotography image or two. Astro photography reminds me of another friend who has some amazing images of humming birds. I should totally paint some humming birds and florals on silk. Dewdrops are always fun, that reminds me of a sad song and a young child crying. Now I am melancholy, can I adhere silk to plastic? How could I paint on silk then use it as a 3d form?" And so on, an on. Sometimes the rabbit holes that snag me seem to be a curse, other times problems are solved during the adventure.

One thing is for sure. All of these musings and possibilities are what make this world such an amazing place. We grow by stretching, digging, asking questions, taking risks, failing forward. Some experiments won't work, some ideas won't come to fruition.

You will have some unfinished paintings, unfinished projects and unmet goals. Keep moving, keep creating. Sometimes God and the stars looking down from the sky may be the only audience for some of our work. That is enough. Artists are here to discover. That is our gift back to the world. The world needs art that only you can create. Have a great week of making.

Below is a video from my YT Channel. Hope you like it.


Tim ONeill