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I have three things for you. Be sure to check the postscript. The first thing is a really cool article. The article delves into the science behind creativity and how one can harness it more predictably. While it may appear that inspiration arrives randomly and illogically, there's a biological basis to this phenomenon that we can use to encourage regular creativity.

In essence, creativity stems from our ability to ask, "What if things could be different?" It requires a shift from our brain's usual linear mode of operation to its default mode network (DMN) - the part of our brain involved in creativity, introspection, and making connections. Contrary to common perceptions, the DMN does not hinder productivity but fuels creativity. This shift typically occurs during periods of daydreaming or when we are not trying too hard.

The author presents a "not-so-secret" formula to enhance creativity: explore, relax, and daydream. Exploration involves being open to new ideas, experiences, and paying attention to our environment. This gives our brain the "dots" it needs to combine ideas in new ways. Relaxation and daydreaming give the brain the room it needs to make connections, an activity that is often marked by a "brain blink". During this period, a rush of alpha waves shuts off our visual cortex, removing distractions and allowing the DMN to flourish.

A study cited in the article revealed that people who had periods of active downtime or mind-wandering performed 41% better on creative tasks than others. Notably, relaxation was found to be a critical part of this process. Thus, activities like walks in nature or engaging in "flow" states can boost creative thinking. I think that is why gardening, cooking and yard work are such a critical component in my creative practice. The article concludes by emphasizing that fostering creativity involves a consistent cycle of exploration (and the opportunity to fail), relaxation, and daydreaming. You can read the article and dive down all the fun rabbit holes as well as checking out what Einstein was doing when the theory of relativity came about, "How Inspiration Works".

Next week we take a peek at one of the rarely talked about negative sides of the AI Talisman.


Here is Midjourneys interpretation of imagine. While I like the idea it has the feel of many other AI created images. The prompt, "imagine"

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PS-Three fun things. The Digital Art Goes Rogue Summit is just around the corner. Digital Art Goes Rogue Magazine is launching. Here are some free brushes from Grzegorz Rutkowski