Have you ever been in a situation where who you are just doesn't line up to receive the absolute best of a situation? This week I had another one of those. I was at a social event that was pretty high-end, great music, amazing food, very interesting people to talk with and meet....and I was bored out of my mind. All I could think of was that I wanted to be at home in the studio chillaxing with my studio pal Gidget and some nice tunes while absorbing the sights, sounds, and smells of my comfort zone. Man, some-times I have to recognize that my personality sucks in some ways. What great opportunities I have missed because I don't always like to engage with people. I like to think. I like quiet. I like introspection. It's okay though. Here's why.

Wabi-sabi, the ancient Japanese philosophy, reveres the imperfect, transient, and incomplete aspects of life, acting as a reminder of the natural beauty inherent in the authenticity of imperfection and making use of our perceived flaws. At its very simplest, it represents the aesthetic theory that everything is perfect not despite imperfections, but because of them. Wabi-Sabi is very loosely translated as "wisdom in natural simplicity". This concept holds a profound resonance when applied to the realm of creativity and personal expression, essentially celebrating the unique essence of each individual. It is one of the many soap boxes I tend to jump on...You are unique. The Wabi-Sabi philosophy seeks to give innate value to all of those scars we have, both physical and emotional. It is the experiences that created these scars that make up who we are today and every day, and those experiences are to be celebrated, even if they hurt at the time we were going through them.

Sundaynight Read Fnl

Sunday Night Read - Tim ONeill 2010

   "The first demand any work of art makes upon us is to surrender. Look. Listen. Receive. Get  yourself out of  the way." 

    C. S. Lewis

Artists, often heralded as the mirrors of society, are the bearers of this unique essence, each with a distinct narrative and a unique lens through which we interpret the world. Through the lens of wabi-sabi, the artist's journey is seen as a continual process of embracing one's authentic self, with all its quirks, imperfections, and individual genius.
The idea of wabi-sabi propels us to delve into the depths of our individuality, to embrace the idiosyncrasies that set us apart, and to convey these unique interpretations through our art. In a world that often seeks perfection, wabi-sabi stands as a gentle reminder of the beauty in the imperfect, the power in the authentic, and the profound in the simple. As artists we are the vessels through which these principles come to life, our creations a testament to the endless variations in human perception and expression. It is the way God made us. The One who created the universe made us uniquely purposed to express like no one else can.

The wabi-sabi ethos provides a comforting embrace to those of us that are often solitary in our creative journey. It celebrates the blemishes, the rough edges, and the raw, unrefined creativity that forms the essence of individual expression. In a way, it's a philosophy that goes beyond mere acceptance, urging us to revel in our unique attributes and to boldly imprint our unique signature onto the canvas of our creations.

Test Elisetimeout

Elise Time Out - Tim ONeill 2010

The wabi-sabi philosophy encourages a profound exploration into the self. It propels us to delve beyond the surface, to explore the depths of our being, and to express our findings unabashedly through our art. This exploration, often revealing and liberating, forms the crux of the artistic journey. Each piece of art then becomes a page in the artist's personal narrative, a narrative that's as imperfect, transient, and beautiful as the essence of wabi-sabi itself.

In the digital age where AI and machine learning are burgeoning, the essence of wabi-sabi becomes even more significant. Amidst the precision and perfection achievable through technology, the imperfect human touch in art stands out, its raw beauty resonating on a deeper, more intrinsic level. The creations borne out of human imperfection hold an irreplaceable value, echoing the myriad experiences, emotions, and unique perspectives that form the human narrative.

Wabi-sabi acts as a beacon of authenticity in a world that's rapidly veering towards homogenization. It's a call to artists to remain true to your unique essence, to celebrate your individuality, and to contribute to the diverse tapestry of human expression. The philosophy of wabi-sabi, in essence, champions the cause of individual creativity against the backdrop of mass production and digital replication. We need your hand in your work.

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Noahs Time Out - Tim ONeill 2013

Furthermore, the practice of wabi-sabi is not merely a philosophical concept but a lived experience for artists. It's an invitation to slow down, to reflect, to appreciate the beauty in the mundane, the everyday, and the overlooked. It's about finding joy in the process of creation and failure, cherishing each stroke, each hue, and each emotion that courses through the your veins as you translate your essence onto a physical or digital medium.

Embrace wabi-sabi, it is a profound celebration of what makes us inherently human. It’s a philosophy that resonates deeply with artists, urging us to embrace our unique identity, to cherish our individual narrative, and to share our one-of-a-kind perspective with the world. Through the lens of wabi-sabi, the act of creation becomes a deeply personal and enriching journey, a celebration of the unrepeatable magic that each individual brings into the world. Does my personality suck? Yeah, thankfully it does. You are one but not alone.

Psalm 139:14 "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

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