What a great week. It was super productive here in the studio and I also took time to play and "make something ugly"! That is the theme for today. Most of the time in our studio lives we are trying to MAKE something. I think that can lead to creative block and dread. Have you ever dreaded heading to the studio? Most of the time I believe that, for me at least, the dread is self-inflected. I want to create something I love and I may not feel like it. So, one way to shred the dread is to focus on play instead of production.

In the video below, I make some wrapping paper using my smallest Gelli plate as a stamp. There is no technique being taught, no expectations of creating anything, in fact the goal is to make something ugly. In my art classes I have an assignment with that title. Many people are offended and don't like it. For others it is very freeing. They get to play with art supplies and not have to "draw" anything or create anything beautiful. There is value in play and experimentation. Put on your favorite tunes, grab your cup of tea, coffee or glass of beer or wine and just enjoy being in your creative space. Join me in making something ugly.